School chaplaincy commenced in the ACT in 1992. Following the launch of the National School Chaplaincy Programme (NSCP) in 2007 the number of chaplaincy services expanded from 4 to more than 20. In 2012 School Chaplaincy ACT (SC ACT) became a division of Scripture Union QLD, the peak chaplaincy provider in Queensland, with chaplains in over 850 schools. SC ACT and SU QLD have a reputation of expertise and trust with schools, governments and local communities. We work with principals and school staff to enhance the wellbeing practices in ACT schools. Working with children and young people can be incredibly demanding and our chaplains appreciate being part of the largest not-for-profit youth and children’s network in Australia. SC ACT has formed strong connections with a number of counselling, welfare, and support groups, and our chaplains are trained in the best processes for referring struggling youth and children to appropriate care when necessary.

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