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The School Chaplaincy ACT Team


Scripture Union ACT has had a significant presence in ACT schools for 25 years through its successful School Chaplaincy program, but for various reasons this is no longer a viable option for our organisation.

SU ACT will continue to operate its other ministries and community programs within the territory, but by our invitation, SU QLD agreed to take on the operation and management of the School Chaplaincy program here in the ACT in 2012 so that thousands of children can continue to have access to their school chaplain, without disruption.

What this means is that School Chaplaincy services in the ACT now run and administered by SU QLD, under the name of School Chaplaincy ACT.

SU QLD stands as the largest provider of School Chaplaincy services in Australia. We are confident that SU QLD’s expertise, in cooperation with the knowledge and experience that already exists within the local ACT team, will allow School Chaplaincy ACT to continue to develop and flourish with its own distinct emphasis and approach.


Please continue to give your support to this tremendous cause so that school chaplains can meet the needs of young people right across the territory. Rest assured that all funds donated to the cause of School Chaplaincy ACT will be used for that express purpose, without exception.

Together we can ensure that thousands of ACT students will always have access to the care, comfort and support of a dedicated school chaplain.

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